Who We Support

We provide inspiring and empowering programs for youth and families that gives them the tools to effectively address life’s changes and increase positive economic opportunities. We support these families through the following services:


This food pantry is available to low income residents in the Mid-Del area (zip codes including 73115, 73110, and 73130).

We will be providing food for those in need, allowing them to concentrate their other resources where it’s needed the most.

Life Changes and Wellness center will not charge any individual or family to receive food.

The food closet will solicit donations from growers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, food drives and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

After the food arrives at our location, the organization will accept orders in person (shop at the warehouse) and/or online for required food items.

The food will either be picked up by the persons or it can be delivered by one of our drivers.

-Nutrition education classes and materials are available for clients and agency personnel.

-Monthly inventory and inspection is required on a monthly basis.


Whether it is students needing school clothes, parents needing baby clothes, men and women re-entering the work force, or families needing to use their income to pay bills, Life Changes and Wellness is a clothes closet to help. The Clothes Closet is a no-cost community store.

We will accept donations of gently-used clothing, shoes, and household items (such as curtains, dishes, and small furniture items). Conscientious staff and volunteers make this a helpful and popular community service. The Clothes Closet is the perfect option for low income families.

Drop off donated items or call the Clothes Closet at (405) 609-6595.

It is also important to understand the need for emphasis on both confidentiality and discretion. We work with a diverse group of people and volunteers need to be accepting of individual opinions, disabilities, and racial/ethnic differences. All Volunteers will fill out an application, sign a Confidentiality Agreement, and attend a mandatory meeting for new volunteers. They will also attend in-service training as needed.


Many people need help paying bills and debt in today’s challenging economy. Families need help so that they do not have to decide between paying their mortgage, credit card debt, food, rent, utility, or medical bills. We will maintain a charitable Gift Registry. Charitable Gift Registry means a registry that sets up via an online site to enable third parties to make donations towards Life Changes and Wellness Center selected by the Members.

-Charity Gift Voucher means a monetary donation.

-Donation means all monetary donations in relation to Direct Donations, Charity Gifts, Charity -Gift Vouchers and Fundraising Services.

-Fundraising Charity means the Charitable Organization nominated by the Members to receive all or part of the funds donated under the Fundraising Services.

We will work in conjunction with BancFirst and/or a local banks with the terms and conditions and use of this card/voucher.


Once a month, a certified instructor will teach practical self-defense tactics for women. This class will be teaching personal self-defense to women in a way that they can understand and apply to their everyday life.


Wellness academy will promote a healthy lifestyle and further develop successful life skills in children and teens.

This program will help by:

-Aiding parents by providing a safe and drug free environment where their youth can improve their physical fitness and strengthen their minds.

-Improving behavior/communication among their peers and siblings, both in and out of school.

-Developing self-esteem through public speaking and positive reinforcement.

-Instilling discipline through sports and competition.

-Combating obesity by proper nutrition education and boxing training.

Fitness: Physical activity, health and nutrition, goal setting, relaxation and stress management all help children stay active and understand the value of good health and fitness.


Life Skills – How to cook, clean, pay bills, write checks, do laundry, etc.

Vocational Program – Find jobs, write resumes, skills to dress appropriately, etc.


Behavioral modification program will provide counseling to both children and their parent on effective communication skills

Before and After School Tutoring

Every child deserves an outstanding education. To meet the needs of busy working families, Life Changes and Wellness Center will provide the flexibility to extend the learning day before and after school for school-age children. With a balance of child-initiated and teacher-led activities, our programs serve kids with a wide variety of interests driving exploration, critical thinking and development of problem solving, collaboration and communication skills.

Our trained teachers and staff are ready to help students:

-Help improve reading, writing, fitness and social skills

-Experience fun, friendships and learning, build character and confidence

-Get a jump start on homework.